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Solid Cologne Sample Set

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If you are new to solid cologne or if you already enjoy a certain Bawston & Tucker fragrance, this samples set will allow you to experience all of the travel friendly solid colognes.  The solid cologne sampler set is ideal for test-driving these colognes to determine your favorite or to have our complete collection to mix/match the fragrances throughout your busy week.  

This solid cologne is a super concentrated fragrance, however it projects as a subtle scent that uniquely reacts with your body chemistry and with your pores. This sampler set is the best way to try out solid cologne and different fragrances to see how your body chemistry responds.

What you will get: Four sample tins of Bawston and Tucker's signature solid colognes (1- Aroostook, 1-Motega, 1- Tuskalusa, and 1- Hurytt). Each sampler tin is around .20 oz of actual product.   

Ingredients: 100% Sweet Almond Oil, Organic Beeswax, Pure Shea Butter, & Fragrance Oil (please refer to each individual fragrance page for fragrance oil notes)

Directions: Slide your finger in cologne to warm up the solid. The oils from the fragrance, almond oil, shea butter will release on your finger.  Then, dab to your pulse points such as the neck, wrists & behind the ears. Repeat as needed. 

Key Points: Alcohol, Phthalate, Paraben & Cruelty Free. All natural base of sweet almond carrier oil, beeswax and shea butter. Each sample tin can last about 2-3 months with daily use. Handcrafted in small batches in Florence, Alabama.

Image from Bawston and Tucker

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