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I came to Mackinac from England in 1992 and instantly fell in love. It is one of the most beautiful places in the world.  I arrived with nothing more than a backpack and after many years and a lot of hard work I now pour my heart into 3 shops on the Island.

I work for a wonderful family who own several businesses on the Island. I am the buyer and manager of their clothing boutique, Nephews. After over a decade in retail on Mackinac I decided to open my own shop. Caddywampus opened in 2004. I call this my “fun” shop. It’s packed with quirky gifts that are meant to make you smile. There are items for all ages and it’s a place where people just love to hang ….reading, browsing, playing and laughing their way through the shop.

When a new space on Main Street opened up in 2013 I was thrilled. I could finally open the “pretty” store of my dreams. The ideas started to flow. I wanted to create an enchanting space filled with beautiful things. The interior is a contemporary combination of bright white, recycled wood and natural birch - a backdrop which helps the shop products pop! The sparkly lights add a magical touch. Who doesn’t like pretty white lights? 

The next step….filling the shelves with lovely things. Many items are from small, independent companies who design and handcraft their products. For me, working with the artists who create these goods is the most inspiring part. The store is full of handcrafted gifts, paper goods, home décor and cards.  In a world of impersonal emails and instant messaging, receiving an imaginative card or a handwritten letter in the mail can be delightfully unexpected and appreciated. Among birthday, wedding, new baby, and other occasional cards, many cards featured in Poppins are themed just to say, ‘Hello.’ No occasion needed. I hope that these cards will inspire anyone who enters Poppins to write a note.

For the shop name I wanted something short, catchy, and memorable. I am often seen toting a huge bag around town. A bag which is typically filled to the brim with “anything and everything”.  My friends call this my Mary Poppins bag. Poppins it was!

In 2017 I opened Poppins (home) which is located right next to Poppins. It's teeny tiny but packed with so much goodness. I call it my little boho shop. The shop features handcrafted jewelry, art, cool accessories and home décor. 

The shops are open from May until October. During the winter I plan for the season ahead and search for new, wonderful items.  When I’m not working you will find me taking photos, enjoying the outdoors and hanging out with my husband, Myk and my beloved border collie, Alfie.