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Poppins Welcomes the New Season

Posted by Kate Rise on

Poppins on Mackinac
The 2022 season has begun! It has been a busy spring on Mackinac Island.
We unpacked many, many boxes of beautiful products and arranged things 'just so' for you to see on your visit. The shops were dusted, swept, and painted to prepare for opening day, which was Saturday, April 30th. 
Caddywampus on Mackinac Island
It wasn’t all work! Lunch breaks were extra long as we walked along the shore to watch the progress of the ice melting and visited our favorite flower beds to see the spring flowers pushing through the soil. There was a lot of catching up to do as workers returned after the long winter and fun conversations getting to know the first-timers. 
Spring Trilliums on Mackinac Island
On the eve of opening day, the crew gathered for supper at Poppins. We ate by candlelight sitting on overturned milk crates around a tiny cloth-covered table. There was laughter, good food, and optimism for a great season working together to make your visit a happy one when you visit our shops, Poppins, Poppins{Home}, and Caddywampus.
Poppins on Mackinac pre-season supper 2022
We are excited to announce that Poppins is celebrating it’s 10th season! Our windows are dressed in full celebration and looking festive. Please stop by to see all your favorite items and let us introduce you to some new artists that we hope you love as much as we do. We are happy to help you pick out the perfect gift for a special someone, whether that be another person or you! And don’t forget to include a card. We have so many great cards designed by talented artists that it might be hard to choose just one!
If you can’t visit Mackinac Island just yet, our online store is updated regularly and items are ready to ship to your front door. 
We hope to see you soon in our doorway and look forward to greeting you with a smile and “Welcome to Poppins!"

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